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Get ready for the hottest most exciting year yet at the Off-Sets. The Off-Sets has teamed up with Zip and Dip Zip Lines to be Southeast Missouri's best place for zip lines, swimming, camping, cliff diving, scuba diving or just hanging out with friends or family.

The Off-Sets is an old quarry that features 50'+ deep water and cliffs up to 50' high, has been an extremely popular swimming and diving/cave diving location in Missouri for years. Now with the addition of Zip and Dip Zip lines, you'll be able to zip over the water-filled quarry from a forested start. 

Zipline closed for the rest of 2013
We would like to thank everyone for making it another fun summer. Hope you enjoyed it too and we'll see you again next year.

For those of you who have visited us before, a few of the changes we made last year.  First of all... New Staff (the owners the same), we have a new and bigger Security Staff and three times as many employees. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun facility for everyone; young, old, singles and families.  Please read and adhere to the rules below, they are for everyone's safety.

Come join the fun. The Off-Sets and ziplines are open, enjoy;

  • Zip lining
  • Camping
  • Swimming and cliff diving
  • Scuba


  • Entrance fee for swimming and cliff diving -$10.00 per day per person
  • Tube Rentals - $5.00 per day
  • Camping - $10 per person per night (plus entrance fee)
  • Scuba - $20 per day per person (includes entrance fee)
  • Zip lining - see below

Rules for The Offsets Property

  • No pets, Styrofoam or glass bottles
  • No firearms, fireworks, ATVs, fishing
  • No Jello Shots
  • Appropriate swimwear only!
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed -must be 21 & up, wristbands will be issued and we will be carding
  • Alcohol possession/consumption by minors is strictly forbidden - No Underage Drinking

Zip Line Fees:

No entrance fee for Zip Line Access ONLY; (you will not be swimming, etc.)
You must go directly to the zip line building, do your zip line run/s and depart the premises immediately after your last run. Should you decide to stay, the normal $10 entrance fee needs to be paid at that time.


Zip Line Tour Package

  • Over and back (start from the tower) - $20 per person
  • Single runs (start from the tower) - 1st run - $20 per person
    2nd run and additional runs (same person) - $20 per person

"Zip Line Day Pass" Sat and Sun only - $75.00 per day, per person
(no switching)

No night zips at this time.

Additional fees for other activities include; tube rental, camping and scuba (must have your own gear). To dive inside the mine, you must be cave certified and present your cave card at the entrance.

Payment: Cash only at this time


Future Plans for the OffSets: Vending machines, shower houses, photo hut, merchandise, credit/debit card machines, picnic tables, pavilions, BBQ pits, locker rentals for belongings, water fall (s), and lots of extra surveillance on premises. We now sell firewood, ice, and air mats.

2013 Season
Open May 24 through Oct 31
10am - 8pm (7 days a week)

Call 573-783-3040
or 573-756-8300

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